1.3: Wedding Party

Kyle decided to go work on his garden. He was working when Taylor walked by the gardens. Taylor seem to be checking out her future husband.
gardeningKyle went fishing to get some extra money and also for some fun. He seem to be thinking about his wedding plans. He spend the whole day.
FishingWedding Day:
They invited their friends to the party. They wanted it to be a fun and eventful.
Wedding of Kyle and Taylor 
Kyle: Taylor, You are my love of my life. I will take care of you.
Taylor: I love you too with all my heart. Kyle, there is something I need to tell you something.
Kyle: Love we can talk later. It our wedding day.
After the vows. They kiss each other.
wedding kiss 
This all the friends that Kyle as meet and invited. They are all happy and content. They are watching the happy couple.
Wedding GuestTaylor: I have two children. They can not be left alone.
Kyle: Do not worry my love. I will move them to our neighborhood.
Taylor: They are in a school at the moment.
Kyle: I will not move them from their school right now. Is there someone who can watch them?
Taylor: My mother can. I would love for them to be with us.
Kyle: No worries love, They can come live with us once we move.
Wedding secrect 
Taylor: You mean it.
Kyle: Yes, as soon as I can.
They hug each other. Kyle seem to have comfort of her worries.
Wedding photo 2 
The guest all decide to enjoy some lunch at the picnic table. They all eating hotdogs.
Wedding guest partyKyle cut the wedding cake. He took a piece.
Cutting of the cake 
The guess seem be enjoying the party and finding things to do. Kyle decided to join his love and two of his friends. Taylor is roosting a marshmallow on the fire. Kyle is in a conversation.
Kyle: You know what neighborhood is best?
Rachel: Why, you want to know.
Kyle: I need to know what school is best.
Rachel: I really do not know. There seem to be little help in these cities.
Kyle: okay, I will have think of what to do about this.
Taylor has done what she thought was best. She just hopes her husband will keep his promise. She called her mother, Alexis to move in. Once her mother was with the children and told her about the plan. She returned to Newcrest to be with her husband.
Taylor Love (Jones) 
To be continued..  I will Introduce you to Taylor next time. The townie I am referring as Rachel is not her real name. I could not remember her name.

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