1.4: Working day and Meet the stepson

Welcome back, Here we are with this family. I will start of with Taylor introduced  you too. Let begin with this story. It getting stranger and more.

After the wedding Taylor decided to have a drink. Her name is Taylor Love, Though now it Jones. She is a mother of two children. She has a daughter and a son. She is a Non-committal, Creative and Lazy.  She worries over her marriage. She seem like she need to drink.
Taylor Jones drinking
She learning to mix drinks for work.
Taylor: You this drink does not like me and I do not think it working.
Taylor working on her Mixing skill for work. 
Kyle went to work in the garden. There are new plants to pant and tend and do some grafting.
Gardening againKyle: Is everything okay dear.
Taylor: Yes but I miss my children.
Kyle: I know. They are my children as well. I have not meet them yet, but I love them as my own.
Taylor: i wish they were here.
Kyle: It okay, I will get them to move in as soon as we can. I will allow them here if I meet them.
Taylor: Thanks baby.
Kyle: Your welcome.
Taylor: That not all. I hope I do not feel trapped in this marrage.
Kyle: It be okay. You will be fine mother and wife. I will be there to be there whenever you feel down.
Taylor: You really do not mind me being Non-committal?
Kyle: I do not mind one bit. I love you to much.
Talking with each otherTaylor: Hello, Rahelle Lo, How are you.
Rachelle: I am fine. How are you.
Taylor: Good, I started working.
Taylor lalking to Rachelle Lo 
Kyle was keeping an eye on his house and tending the trees.
Tending the GardenKyle decided to make baked potato for lunch.
07-14-15_5-56 PMTaylor: You did wonderful.
Kyle: I am working on my cooking as well.
Taylor: It good. I know it be best once we have children.
Kyle: Oh you want to have children with me?
07-14-15_5-58 PMTaylor; Oh course. I know you will be a great dad.
Kyle: I would love us to have children. Though it will need to wait a bit.
Taylor: I can wait. I just hope not for much longer.
Kyle: I am trying to get my garden to have 8 perfect plants to finish.
Taylor: That fine. I know we have a plan. It will work out.
07-14-15_6-01 PMKyle went into the kitchen to get orange juice. He seem to wanted to try it.
07-14-15_6-11 PMKyle meet his stepson on the path.
Kyle: Hello
Russell: Hello.
Russell did some impression in front of his stepfather.
07-14-15_6-35 PM
Kyle: You stop that behavior boy.
Russell: Sorry
Kyle: You better behave. I have a plan for you and your sister.
07-14-15_6-36 PMRussell: bye
Kyle: bye Russell. You can come visit, You and your sister are welcome.
Russell: okay
Kyle: I love you like you are one of my own.
07-14-15_6-40 PMThe next afternoon, Kyle invited Russell to go fishing with me. Though Russell left. Kyle decide to fish and he improved his fishing skill to level 4.
07-14-15_7-11 PMTaylor came home from work and was promoted. She was to tired to enjoy it.
07-14-15_7-30 PMThe next evening, Kyle decide to have a Winnie party once again. He wanted some fun. He decide to invite their friends over and he invited his stepson Russell over as well.
Kyle: This story is the best yet. There were all kinds of adventures and space creatures.
07-14-15_8-20 PMKyle: Russell, There bears and wolves in the wild woods.
Russell: Really.
Kyle: Of corse, I will have to take you and your mom camping once I can.
07-14-15_8-21 PMTaylor was off work. She saw Misty Tomposon looking down. She decide to go over and talk to her.
07-14-15_8-33 PMTaylor decide to make lunch for them both. She made a salad.
07-14-15_8-42 PMKyle: Took a bowl and was happy with it. The fuits and vegeatble were from the park garden.
07-14-15_8-43 PMRussell decide to call to hangout with Kyle. He came over.
Kyle: Hello son.
Russell: Hello Kyle.
Kyle: You should say hello to your mother. She been worried sick to you and your sister.
Taylor just eyed her son.
07-14-15_8-59 PMOnce Kyle left to work on the garden. Russell say something to his mother.
Russell: Mom, What up with you and your life? You seem to leave us with Grandma.
Taylor decide to eye her son and walked away from him being a bit upset with him.
07-14-15_9-02 PMOnce she cooled of a bit. She invited him to play a game of chess with her.
Taylor: Son, I love you and so does Kyle. We want you hear. It just a matter of we need to finish up here and once we move. We will have you live with us or in the neighborhood.
07-14-15_9-04 PMTo be continued.

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