2.3: Birthdays

Alexandra Jones as a teenager. She enjoys music. She want to be a Musician or something in that area. She got a makeover. Her hair was grown out a bit and she got green eyes. You can see who eyes has has.
Alexandra Jones
Alexandra: Hello, Do you like art?
Boy: I do not, you are pretty though.
Alexandra: You seem to be out of my age range. You could be friends with my brother.
Alexandra is talking to a neighbor
Ashton: Mommy, why you so sad?
Taylor: It was birthday, I did not get a party.
Ashton: Happy Birthday mommy. Sorry about not having a party.
Taylor: It alright son. I know you and your sister and brother happy and I love the family.
Ashton: I thought I had another sister, Mommy.
Taylor: You do, I do not know where she is at the time.
Ashton hugging his mommy
Russell: Hello sir, you have a place for use to stay for about 3 days.
Sir on Phone, Yes, we do. How Many people are coming?
Russell: 5 people, and can we have a party their for two people.
Sir: Of course you can. Come when you are all ready to come.
Russell: Thanks, we will be coming a ew hours.
Russell on the Phone
The next night, Russell bake a cake for his stepfather, Kyle. Kyle and Russell have friends over for the birthday party.
Baking a cake
Alexandra: You know bear, you do not really scare me. All you are to me is a person in a costume.
Bear: Grr. Do I look like a bear or a person?
Alexandra: Like I said you are not a real bear. She says as talk to him and then walks away.
Alexandra talking to a bear
Everyone celebrates Russell birthday. He is an adult. He making a wish.
Kyle: I seem old but I enjoy my family as it is. I will finally be able to relax and enjoy my wife and life.
Alexandra: Happy Birthday Dad. She a normal teenager. She laughing at her dad blowing out his candles.
Russell seem to be looking at the back door looking for someone.
Kyle blows out his candles
Ashton and Russell hangout with each other. They seem to be looking at the sky or cloud watching.
They seem to be having fishing competition. Whoever stays the longest will be the winner.
Ashton seem to be fishing the most and feeling like a fisherman.
Looks Fishing compation
Alexandra: Russell you seem to have a bug on your neck.
Russell reaches up and put his hand on his next to kill the bug. Russell: I hate bugs especially those bug biters.
Kyle and Taylor and Ashton are quite happy and enjoy fishing.
Taylor: You two both make this out to be competition. I will go back and have some fun and a nap.
Kyle and Ashton: okay.
Family together
Kyle: Hello miss.
Woman: Hello.
Kyle: How the game and you.
Woman: I having find time playing. I am good. Though talking to another adult is much more fun enjoyable.
Kyle: Yes, it is and nice to meet you. Please enjoy.
Kyle talking to pass by
Alexandra: Oh how is this. How am I to find love.
Alexandra: I need to practice for a bit. I so want to be a Musician.
Alexandra pracing her music
Ashston: Russell, What kind of house you want?
Russell: Why, you asking little man.
Ashton: I want to know.
Russell: You do not have to worry about it. You seem like your father telling what already plan.
Ashton: No, I just want to build and have an idea to create one.
Russell: For the time being, Let just play horseshoes.
Ashton watching his brother playing
Russell took his turn. It was now Ashton turn.
Ashton: If I win or get even close with either of my horse shoes, I want info as soon as i can.
Russell: Please stop with this building stuff.
Ashton: I love creating things. You should now by now.
Russell: Yes, I know.  You ask and we will see.
Ashton: I will.
Russell: Whatever brother, if that what you want to do be my guess.
Playing horseshoes
They are all having conversation. Who talk to who and just looking one another. Ashton seem to be looking towards this dad and brother. Alexandra is getting ready to eat.
Russell: You know i do of clean up and washing dishes. I should get some time to myself and leave it for someone to clean up.
Family dinner
Taylor: Ashton, Russell can you please leave the kitchen for a bit. I need to talk your sister alone.
Ashton: okay mommy.
Family dinner 2
Taylor: Alexandra, your brother is right. He should not have all the responsible of cleaning up. You need to take take response lies as well. You should be helping out a bit more. Your brother Russell, doe do a lot without being asked. Do you think we wil take care of you all our lives?
Mother is lectureing her daughter
Alexandra: Whatever, mom I do not have to do them. I don’t want to. I do not see how I should do any of this work. For reasons. My older sister did not have these responsibilities.
Taylor: You try this angry at your father. I will bet he will not go for it.
Kyle: What this about rules and responsible? You talking about Alexandra.
Alexandra: Courtney did not have to wash dishes, cook and other things. She came and went.
Kyle: Stop, right there Alexandra. I will tell you what I would have done if she lived under our roof. Courtney was offered to live with us. She choose not too. She would have to learn to cook for herself and help out as well. Your brother will also have responsibly lies. I will not take your attitude. If you want  you run off just like Courtney and move to another town.
Alexandra Angry
Kyle: You are not princess. As long as you are here. You will help out with us. You can add to your responsible for feeding yourself and doing your school work. I will not take it that you disregard your mother and that attitude of yours.
Alexandra: Sorry dad.
Father and daughter
Megan: Russell, you want to talk.
Russell: How are you?
Megan: Good. How are things.
Russell: good, we will be coming home soon.
Russell on the phone
Both children were doing their homework. Everyone that was up was in the kitchen enjoying company. They were just relaxing or getting last minute things done. They be going home soon.
Taylor: Ashton, What would you like to do for your brithday when get back home?
Ashton: I just want a party and some place nice.
Taylor: Like where, Ashton?
Ashton: I haven’t decided yet.
Taylor: Let your brother or me or dad know when you decide?
Ashton: okay mom.
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Note: Lax, just a mention to your legacy in this chapter. It just happen that way.

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