2.4: Date Troubles

Alexandra doing the dishes. It a weekend. She decided to do them and mumble to herself. She rather be doing other things. More like sleeping but she was told to do this as soon as she got up.

Kyle and Taylor decided to to take a picture themselves.
Kyle: Happy Birthday son. I am proud of you.
Ashton: Thanks dad. Can I have a blue birthday cake. I want it here at the house.
Kyle: Of Course Ashton. It your birthday.
Ashton: Thank you.
Kyle became the cater at his son party. His son wanted a really good cake and asked a few people. They happen to be family and a few friends. Ryan was invited as well.
All guest setting at the kitcten table. They all are having fun talking with each other.
Ashton decide to come in and make his wish. Everyone sings him happy birthday.
Ashton grew up into a teen and got the asperation of Big Happy Family. He picks up the Genius trait. I can not remember all his traits but one is Music Lover as well.
Kyle loads the dishwasher.
Kyle: Ashton, can we talk.
Ashton: Sure dad. What it want to talk about.
Kyle: How school and other things?
Ashton: Oh it alright. I am doing the best I can. I am trying to make friends.
Kyle: That good. Keep it up.
Ashton: I will. I am getting a "B" at the moment.
After a few weeks and Room reveation. Kyle and Ashton playing a game of chess.
Kyle: Ashton, I need to tell you something.
Ashton: What is it dad. 
Kyle:Me and your mother are getting old. This town will need your help bring in new families.
Ashton: What are you asking me to do?

Kyle: Son, it will be your legacy to carry on the family line and also will need to build a low income housing.
Ashton: You mean I will get to build houses. They be any way I want.
Kyle: Yes son, but you will need to make it low income. This house will be one of them.
Ashton when to paint and some inspiration. He seem happy to create this painting.
The following weekend. Alexandra and Ashton go to the park. Ashton talking to school mate.
Alexandra comes over to Jackson Miller. Talk for most of the afternoon.
Alexandra: Do you mind me joining you in a game of chess?
Jackson: Sure.
Alexanra and Jackson spending time together. They watch the night sky for quite a few hours.
Kyle hugs his son. Kyle: Is everything alright son.
Ashton: Tough night with girls.
Kyle: Want to talk.
Ashton: okay, but first I want to tell you that you are my best friend dad.
Ashston: I meet a girl in the park.
Kyle: That wonderul son.
Ashton: we talked. I do not think it going to well.
Kyle: You will find that girl.
Ashton: I hope so.
Russell was invited over to Misty birthday party.
Russell: hello Lori and Ethan.
Russell come upstairs and starts talking two new comers there.
Russell: Hello.
Anta or something: Hello.
Russell: How are you and Are you single?
Anta: I am good. Yes I am.
Russell: It was really wonderful meeting you Anta.
Anta: You too.
Russell invited Anta over amd talked some more.
Russell has his first kiss.
Russell: Will you be my girlfriend.
Anta: Sure Russell.
Ashton: Dad, you think I will find that girl.
Kyle: I am sure son.
Ashton: You think I will be asked by Russell about his house.
Kyle: Yes son. You will find love when it right.
Note: Russell Girlfriend name I can not remember. I will remember it next time or at least write it down.

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