Meet Kyle Jones #BuildNewcrestchallenge

Welcome to my Legacy that is a challenge of it own. Kyle doe not know it but he signed up to the founder of this Legacy that is to build up a new community and neighbourhood. He going to to have it tuft for some reason. This challenge is #Build Newcrest challenge.
Let meet our founder.

Name: Kyle Jones
Traits: Perfectionist, Loves the Outdoors, Genius
Aspiration: Freelance Botanist
07-09-15_5-53 PM
Kyle went about to settling in to his new home. He start by digging and collecting so that he can start on his gardening. He does have a bit of money left. He still living of the land. He seems content with the outdoors.
07-09-15_5-59 PM 
Kyle went to meet up with a his man who was walking by. He went to talk. Kyle seems to be telling Clinton Boggs about this travels to Newcrest. Clinton: Hello there and how it going. 07-09-15_6-05 PM 
Kyle has seem to have been meeting and talking to woman and is enjoying her time. His he picking out his girl or just making friends. We will have to wait and see. 07-09-15_7-08 PM 
Kyle was so hungry and was try to catch his dinner. He went fishing to find to eat. He keep trying but the fish were being hard to get. So he went home to make something to eat. 07-09-15_6-10 PM  
Kyle seem hungry so he went back home and started to cook and it seem he got himself on fire. Kyle: What am i do and how do I get the fire out? He seem to have gotten out. I will just go find some food and socially.
 07-09-15_6-40 PM 
Here he is talking to another girl in the neighbourhood and we meet grim repaper. He was just there. I do not recall there is any deaths. Unless it from Kyle putting himself on fire. He talks to the woman and to get to know her.
 07-09-15_6-14 PM 
Kyle sat down and continued to talk to them both.He did not seem to be worrying about the death there. He just got there. He just talked to Melissa or what her name. 07-09-15_6-15 PM 
A few days later, he decided to visit another part of town and grill his lunch. He seem to enjoy the look and be able to meet the new sims in town.
07-10-15_11-11 AM 
Kyle meet up with Meagan Tomoson. She is living in Willow Creek. He happen to tell her that are not electronic around or he trying to hear about news in Willow Creek.
 He meets a few other members. He talking to them all. Brenden has made him angry. He not having a good conversation with him Kyle: Brenden you best watch it or you will have an enemy with with me.
07-10-15_11-20 AM 
Kyle: Brenden, your momma is a lama he stats. He seem to want Brenden on his way. The other are just enjoying to conversation with one another and is not affected with him.
07-10-15_11-22 AM 
Kyle turn his attention to the two new townies that who have come to join. He is getting to know Kayla and Beejay. He is trying to make new friends around town. We will see if he builds any kind of romance soon.
07-10-15_11-24 AM 
He continues to talk to Beejay and Kayla. Kyle: He seems to be thinking of fighting. I wonder what thats all about.
07-10-15_11-27 AM 
Kyle: Beejay, I like being neat. Do you enjoy cleaning?
07-10-15_11-28 AM 
He decided he wanted to have party so he made it his kind of party which is by having Winnie Toast party. He is entertaining his new friends.
07-10-15_11-51 AM 
He wanted to see Roselle and he decide to have a date with her. He seem to want to have a fun and snuggle with her.
 Roselle seem to tickle with him and have some fun.
07-10-15_12-27 PM-2 
To be continued.
 What will happen? Will he choose his love or search so more?
Note: Sorry for the pics the way they are.

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