2.5: Two Deaths & One Wedding

Taylor: Son, I hope you enjoy your life and find love and expand your love to them.
Russell: Mom, Your my rock and I will be there always.
Taylor: Enjoy and get to be friends with your brother and sister.
Russell: Okay.
Russell is working on his violin. He practice for work.
Russell: Ashton, Would mind building me a small house next door.
Ashton: Right now no, but give me a few days and I will build your house.
Russell: Thanks, you know Ashton, your friend to me.
Ashton: Bro, I create you a house. I meant it.
Russell: okay, Though I do not need right now.
Ashton: Russell, You buy the land and when ready, I will have it build the house.
Russell decided to freshen up for this date.
Russell greets Anyra. He gets his first kiss.
Ashton doing his homework.
Alexandra is doing her homework as well.
Ashton is doing homework and the extra credit.
Russell: Kyle, you think you know any way to get a girl?
Kyle: I do not know much. Just give your heart and trust with her. I really do not have any tricks for you.
Kyle is loading the dishwasher.
He decides to cook breakfast for himself. He seem angry at the food. He seem be trying to cook. He seem ready for the fire to start.
Russell: I am trying to work up to get my lot.
Anyra: Oh really.
Russell: My little brother even offered to build a house for me.
Anyra: Okay. I like you to much to say much more.
Russell: I like you more you know.

Russell decides to get down on a knee.
Russell: Anyra Lantz will you marry me?
Anyra: I love too, I love this ring.
Russell: We will get married once I can save up for my lot.
Some woman came to the park and just looked on at them.
Anyra: Your my man. I will enjoy this.
Russell: This house will be good for us and how family.
The next morning Taylor time had come. Russell and Kyle are devastated. Taylor died at age of 117 years old.
Ashton, befriend the grim. 
A few weeks later. He had called his brother Ashton to build his home. He made his first dinner in his new home.
Sire, I want to plan a wedding party. That fine and who all do the work and invited.
Russell: Thanks for coming little brother.
They get over the arch.
Anyra  say her vows.
He say his vows.
Anyra: I take you to be my husband.
Russell: I love you, I will take care of you.
Three guest watched the ceremony.
The Kiss.
The groom and bride having their first dance.
Russell: Thank for coming. You enjoying the home and I hope you stop by.
Russell: Thanks for a coming. I want to to come and visit as well.
All the guest having fun. The bar being filled.
Ashton jogging home. He was over a house watching the children.
He come home and did his homework.  He seem to be thinking of his family history.
Ashton was talking to Grim and Jenta he meets Adrienne.

Ashton and Adrienne talking.

Ashton look nervous about telling her he has a crush on her.
Adrienne, I had good time and let get together again. I have to go.
Alexandra, was learning jokes. Ashton had built this house as well. Kyle died as well. He was my favorite and he completed 3 skills to the max. He was 102 years old.

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