2.6: All Things New

Ashton: Adrienne can you can you come over.
Ashton is nervous.

Ashton: I really like you.
Adrinne: I like you. I am not really into you that way.
Mother and son taking picture together.

Ashton is off to school.
Russell: Did I tell you sister that I am expecting father.
Alexandra: No, But you just did. I came over to congratulate you to moving in and for your marriage.
Russell: Thanks, I really did enjoy our wedding. I will be nice to be near family. 

 Alexandra: I will have to come back and take a look at your home.
Russell: you do that. Your welcome anytime.
Alexandra: okay, thanks brother.
Alexandra: Hello Vaughn Song.
Vaughn: Hello, You are a little late.
Alexandra: Sorry about that I was talking to my family.
Alexandra is skilling up her guitar.
They decided to have a birthday party for Ashton. There been family and friend invited.
They invited an enertainer. Ashton is thanking his sister in law for coming. She pregnant with her child and Russell. Russell is being entertained.
Adrinene was invited and taking with Ashton. What they are talking about I have no clue.
Later that night, Ashton found his sister in law Arya. He asked to rub her belly.
Ashton: Your uncle is happy and loves you.
Aston: Sis, your music is getting a lot better. That song will be a winner.
Ashton is holding his niece Fallon.
Ashton: Hello there.
Jana: Hello
Ashton: It nice to meet you.
Jana: It is the same to you as well.
Ashton: decided to enter into the police force. He working hard.
This is his first crime since and he starts by getting witness reports.
Then decides to search the place.
This include in finding clues in every room.
He then goes back and searches the database.
Sharah: Sir, I want someone to check out this neighbor. There some things going on.
Ashton: Yeah okay will get some officer your way.
Ashton: Congratation on your first song sis.
Alexandra: Thanks.
Ashton: What a good day.
Ashton: Sis, you are my best friend.
Alexandra: You are mine as well.
Ashton: Much to me like you are going to have another good winner.
Ashton learning the ropes.
Ashton; Here is your ticket Miss.
He caught the suppect that was in the crime scene. 
Anton: Hello Jana. Thanks for coming over
Jana: Anytime,
 They have their first kiss.
Ashton: Jana, I really like you and I enjoy your company.
Jana: I do also. What up.
Ashton: I would love to have children with you. You do know that we have a few goals to complete.
Jana; I do not mind.
Alexandra mastered the guitar skill.
They both decided to have a dinner date.
Here is more of the dinner date.
More to come.

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