2.8: Blessing x2

Well here are enjoying their final days on honeymoon.  Look waht a night makes.
Ashton: Hello there little baby. I am your daddy. I can not wait until you come into the world.
Jana: You know I will be due in a few weeks once we get home.
Ashton: You do that. I am enjoy talking to my little man.
Jana: What if it a girl or twins?
Ashton: I will love them or her as well.
Ashton: Hello Fallon.
Fallon: Hello Uncle Ashton.
Ashton: What are you doing out this late at night.
Fallon: Just taking a walk.
Ashton: I got some news.
Fallon: What news is that Uncle.
Ashton: How would feel about having some cousins or cousin?
Fallon: That would be cool.
Alexandra: So what are you doing up at this hour and drinking brother.
Ashton: I am fine and drinking what left. Alexendra have you meet Jana.
Alexandra: no I will go talk to her.
Ashton: I will go fix the computer. Jana, I hope things are good.
Ashton: This is good. Thanks for making it Jana.
Jana: Thank you. Ashton will you and I decide on name for this baby or babies.
Ashton: Sure.
Jana: What do you want to name our sons or son?
Ashton: Dalton as the first son, Christopher for a second son.
Jana: okay, Dalton it is for our son. Christopher if it twin boys.
Ashston: Yeah. with a process of get another bite.
Jana: What about Marisol for a girl? and if we have twin girls the other Mary?
Ashton: Marisol is fine with me if it a girl. If it twin girls we name them Marisol and Victoria.'
Jana: Whatever. We will name our son Dalton and Marisol if their is one of each.
Ashton: That fine baby.
Jana: How do you feel about being an aunt again?
Alexandra: It good. I hope to have a nephew this time.
Jana: What would you feel if we have a girl?
Alexandra: I will be happy with a girl too.
Jana: okay.
Here is Dalton Jones. Jana is holding. She seem happy to have a son. She then delivered a daughter who she named Marisol Jones. I believe Jana was surprise to have one of each.

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