2.9: Family Time

Alexandra, had decided to join a club. I believe she entered the Advent Books.
Alexandra: She went to hang out with some club members. One showed up with not pants on. She did not want to insult the leader of the club.
Jana gave her husband a hug. I am glad to see you are home safe. Ashton: I will stay safe for you and our children. Jana: good.
Ashton starts to feed his son. Dalton. Ashton: You are my little man. Ashton: Daddy loves you.
Jana is breastfeeding her daughter Marisol. Jana: You are loved by your daddy and me.
Grandma is holding her grandson Dalton. Jana decides to stand in on her dead mother in law.
Ashton is holding his son and Dalton shows his first smile to his daddy. Grandma (Ashton's mom) is helpping out with his daughter Marisol. Marisol is Dalton twin sister.
Jana when to make some ice cream.
Alexandra decided to  practice her music for her job. She really doe enjoy music.
There is Marisol Jones, She the twin sister to Dalton Jones. She is Rumbustious scrump with Mean streak in her I believe. I will show off her trait when get older.
Jana was their when her son Dalton aged up. He is an Aristic prodgy. He got a trait of artistic I believe in him. He a twin brother to his sister Marisol. I will let you know when he get older what his traits are.
Dalton and Marisol hug each other.
Jana decided to repair the stereo.
Alexandra decided to want to browse the web. I believe she was helping with building plans.
Alexandra was find all but what she was searching for it seams.
Jana wlks towards Ashton.
Jana: Ashton, We need more rooms.
Ashton: I know dear, but could we split the room upstair in two.
Jana: I tha will not work if we have more children. Your sister needs a room that for her and skill room.
Ashton: I can only build this part of neighborhood. It to be low end.
Jana: I understand. One last time with building a house.
Ashton: This is final time I destroying this house and rebuilding it.
A few weeks later, the house was ready. The children were now playing and hanging out int he living room.
Marisol: Daddy, I need a playing set.
Ashton: We are still working on backyard. You will need to wait.
Marisol: Okay, I had a fun day daddy.
Ashton: that good sweetie. I will read to you and your brother soon.
Marisol: okay daddy.

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