2:10 New Addition to the Family

 Ashton decided to create breakfast for the whole family. What he puts into the meal I have no idea but there seems to be some kind of wine to me.
 Ashton decides to read to both children. Marisol seems happy to hear about this fairy tale from her dad. Dalton lesson but he look a little upset and his father just hopes he will listen to the story.
 The whole family is sitting together at the table. They all seem entertained by Ashton story.
 Jana: Baby, do you mind if we chat?
Ashton: Sure sweetpea, I have all the time for you and if you want to chat I am happy to.
Jana: okay and walks and sits down.
 Ashton: What do you want to chat about?
Jana: I thought that we could adopt a child?
Ashton: I see no reason why not.
 Jana: Really?
Ashton: Of course
Jana: What gender do we want to add a girl or boy?
Ashton: You let me know which you want if you want a boy or girl. I will call up adoption center here in Newcrest or the city.
Jana: Let's adopt a boy. That way if we do have another child and that child turns out to be a girl then we have an even number.
Ashton: That fine. I will call up and pick up our child tomorrow.
 Ashton went to pick up their son, Jason. He was greeted with a hug. I am pretty sure he was living in one of the other cities that having taxing problems.
Jason is playing on a pirate ship. There are new things added to backyard. Jason is Kelopamic so far.
 Ashton come to work at the police station and browse the police database.
 Then he goes about and work to produce evidence. 
 Ashton arrives that the crime scene, His first wittness is his niece Fallon Love.
Ashton: Tell me Fallon, What did you see?
Fallon: I know it was a female and she was a teen. She some heart-breaker to me.
Ashton: okay, Anything else that may be of help.
Fallon: No at the moment. Uncle you don't think I did it?
Ashton: I can not rule it out. I hope you did not do it.
He decided to search all around the house and crime scene. 
He came back to the police station and started working on this case. He goes to cross reference his crime photos. 
Alexandra his playing on her panio and doing her daily task for work. She enjoy doing it in the evening and night.
 Jana decided to make lunch for the family. She serves up Grilled Cheese Sandwich. She calls them to the meal.
 Ashton interrogates this teen. As we goes though the process of integrating her. He realizes he made a mistake and realities her afterwords.
Jason is practicing his typing. 
Dalton is drawing and seem to pick up his dad childhood love.

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