2:11 Skill Competition

Alexandra had finished her first aspiration which was Music Genius that she started another aspiration with Bestseller Author. She working hard to publish her book.
Ashton went though getting a confession from his case.
Ashton: I think it time that I serve justice for your crimes.
Teen: What about letting me off with a warning.
Ashton: I can not do that. It not right.
Teen: My parents have decided to play a game called Skill Competition and the first to get our child aspration completed we win the competition to have the house.
Ashton: well that good idea but that still is not right in what you did.
Julia: Marisol, you need to stop your misbehavor you are causing
Marisol: Mom, there are monters under my bed.
Julia: There are not such things., Now go to bed
Marisol: But mom, just look.
Julia: I woke me up in the middle of the night
Julia decided to look under the bed and saw no monsters but to releve are daughter she decided to spray under the bed.
Dalton got all freaked out and tried to talk to the monster. But it did not work.
Ashton went to Dalton's room and started to spray under the bed.
Julia is expecting once again.
Ashton was told and he was happy to have another child on the way.
Jason some how got the Giggle illness. How he got it and what causes it we have no Idea. He seem happy to only have to deal with it a few days.
Mom (Julia): How is school?
Marisol: It good. I am getting good grades.
Mom: That good. Want to keep my up with your brothers with your skills.
Marisol: I am mom
Jason trying to get he highest typing score on the computer.
Alexandra decided to work on a fruit salad.
Ashton: Jason, and Dalton, How are you doing with your aspirations.
Dalton: I am doing good dad. I am on Level 2 of 4.
Jason: I am on Level 2 or 3 I believe.
Ashton: That good and I wonder about your sister.
Julia: That I do not know. I am guess Level 1.
Ashton: I am thinking of letting you oldest siblings to have Skill Competition.
Jason walks over to the table while his mom is eating.
Ashton: How would you feel to that and Winner becomes heir?
Julia: Boys, How would like a new member.
Boys: I like that idea dad had.
Ashton: I don't think they heard you dear. I think they will be happy.
Dalton: You hear that, We could become heir if we complete our aspiration.
Jason: Of course, if we finish our child aspiration.
Jason: What competition for us all. 
Dalton: Of course, I think I will beat you and my sister.
Jason: Oh you think so, I am on Level 2 or Level 3 in my aspiration.
Dalton: We will have to see about that.
Ashton: Chief I got to take some family leave.
Chief: okay, You may do that. I will need to arrive back to work after the baby is born.
Ashton: of course Chief
Julia goes into labor and it painful. Julia: Ashton it that time again!
Ashton: I hope this is our last child. I hope she can get though labor.
Julia delivers a baby girl. They name her Kenya Jones. Welcome Kenya.
Later that afternoon, Marisol came home from school and went and seen her new sister. She was angry as could be. She did not want another sibling.
Jason is typing away. He practice his typing. He sure is working hard on his motor skill.
Dalton has been working on his skills as well and his childhood aspiration. He has completed his aspiration. He now got a creativity gifted.
They decided to have birthday party at the pool for Marisol and Dalton. They are outside the pool venture.
Here are some of the guests and year is the birthday boy and girl.
I know who won the skill Compaction and I will tell you next chapter. I will have it like a you would for all 3 place in all compilations. I hope to have a poll this time but it did not work that way maybe next time. Find out who the winner is and How each child turns out to be.

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