Peace Earrings

I wanted to try out something new. I wanted to try and create a 3d mesh. I did but with a little help. Here is my set of Peace earrings that did with the help of a tutorial. My creations of Peace Earrings with 14 different swatch patterns and colors.

This is my first attempted at a new accessory. I used this Tutorial from Sims 4 Studio. Want to learn how to create this Peace Earring by following Start to Finish New Accessory Mesh for Beginners I-V and  The Rest of the Tutorial.

- 14 different patterns and colors
- New Mesh
- Only for Females

Download:  SimFileShare

Terms of Use:
- Recolors are allowed
- Must link back to me
- Please have members download original mesh

- Sims 4 Studio
- Blender
- orangemittens for her tutorial

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