Chapter One

 A little about this young man. He was to take a wife back at home but he took a different way of doing. His parents passed away when he was a toddler. His grandmother raised him. The only problem he did not follow his siblings in the way of how his grandmother wanted him to carry on. He was oldest and he was outcasted.

He left his old world and customs and came to this world. Let meet him. His name is Quinlan Rivas. He did not have much with him. He has the traits of Gamer, Romantic, Love the Outdoors.
 You can see he found this vacant lot and decided to get a few things for himself. A grill, 4 garden plots, Outdoor bin and outdoor seat.
 He browsing his phone. He found something he went to volunteer his time for a bit.
 He started to plant some seeds for his garden. He enjoys having some food and fruit to survive on.
 The welcome wagon makes by, He went to meet them. They are being neighbors. He was not found by the old woman who the last name is Lewis. Quinlan: Hello, Nice you meet you. Once the young woman decides to think they he was ignoring not welcoming on his lot they stormed off.
 Quinlan decided to try out fishing and he did. He caught two fish before he stoped.
 He also meets up with a young teen. Her name is Luna Vazquez. He has become friendly with her.
 Quinlan meet another young man. his name is Danny or something. I really do not remember what his name is. Quinlan is looking friends and to find love matches. He seems to be on the hunt.
 Quinlan runs into Luna once again. She stops by this place, He chats with her and to get to know her. Later that day. He asked to join a club and he does. He got a job now as well. He took the job of Tech Guru.
 At the first Club meet up, He meets up with Eva C. He invited her over to his place. They got along and chatted away the evening.
 He cooking burgers for the first time. Quinlan gets caught on fire from the grill, He had to put himself out, luckily he was able to do that.
 You can see what he was on fire and decided to take a shower.
Quinlan called up Summer Holiday.
Quinlan: Summer what this thing about boost.
Summer: There are two kinds of boosts. One is for satisfaction and the other will help with your needs to have more fun. What one would you like Quinlan?
Quinlan: I take the satisfaction boost.
Summer: Here you go.
He went and started working on his garden. He evolves as many plants as he could before going to work.
Quinlan decided to invite Eva over to his place and he started to flirt and get to know him.
He made the move to kiss her hand.
Quinlan: Eva would you like to go on a date with me?
Eva: Sure
They headed to a nightclub and he hung out with her and meet some new folks. He is getting somewhat to know them. He chatted with the group and Eva. They hung out late into the night.
Quinlan got himself ready for the day. As this was Saturday and his day off, He invited Eva over to his place once again.
They had their first kiss. This was Quinlan and Eva First Kiss.
They were a hangout and enjoy their time together.
Quinlan: Eva, I would like it if you would be my girlfriend?
Eva: Quinlan, I love too. I have been waiting for you ask me.

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