Episode 2 (Chapter 2)

 Quinlan decided to buy new plants for his garden. He did and decided to plant them. He got some Corn, squiz, Pumpkins, sweet potatoes, 3 different kinds of grapes, fruit trees like an orange tree, pear tree, Banana tree. He planted blueberries, tomatoes, Raspberries and other berries. Their watermelon, Canolope.
 Eva asked Quinlan out on a date. She chooses La Belue and French Restaurant in Newcrest. He accepted and traveled there with her.
 They were seated and Quinlan is looking at the menu and ordering the meal. He let her choose her meal and get to order the meal.
 He decides to flirt with her and she loves it.
 He finally gets a waiter to come over so he looks the menu once again. He going to order. They do. While they wait for their food be delivered. They have talked to each other and to get to now each other more.
 Once they get their food and drinks.
Quinlan: You liking it Eva.
Eva Oh Course I am. Why should I not?
Quinlan: I think you like me more than the food.
Eva: What? You were talking about food. I thought you were talking about yourself and were asking me what I thought of you.
Quinlan: Okay Eva. laughing but enjoying her company.

Later that night he decided to ask her to be his girlfriend. Her full name is Eva Capricciosa.
 The next night he decided to have cooked his dinner. The grill catches on fire for the second time. He gets himself on fire once again. He got to save himself. He does.
 A week later after a long few days of work. Quinlan asks Eva out to dinner to the new restaurant named "New Blue". He asked the host for a table.
 After sitting at the table and order the meal.
Quinlan: Eva, I have brought you here to ask you something.
Eva: What is it that you want to ask Quinlan?
Quinlan gets down on one knee.
Quinlan: Eva, Will you marry me, my love?
Eva: Yes, Quinlan. She jumps up and into his arms. This is her reaction to his question.
 Then their food arrives. They eat their meal. They chat during it as well.
 Sunday afternoon, Quinlan decided to have a bachelor party. It was his last day off before going back to work for the week. He wanted to have the party with some friends. He threw one.
 He rented a fridge and counters and a stove and a few table and bar. He invited Luna, Danny, Leroy and two other friends on his list. He spends time talking to them. He asked about marriage advice and asked for some groomsmen. They accepted it. He was having a fun night with friends he made before meeting his love of his life.
 They were all having a blasted. They were all having fun. He scores Gold on the bachelor party. He now has through gifts from his friends and enjoys though fun things in life before marriage. Quinlan has yet to set a date with his love Eva.
 Monday he took a vacation day, He decided to read by his garden. You can see all these plants he has grown. Some need tending to. So after reading, he tending to some of his lovely plants. He finished his second book.
The next night he decided to read his final book for his milestone. He decided to do this after work. He also got promoted to Ace (something) in this career. He wanted to finish this first milestone and then get some sleep.

Eva did call him, She asked if he wanted to go out to dinner with him or to hang out at the bluffs He decided not too that night.

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