The Rivas Legacy: Episode 4

 The contraction of their home. It was a  start. They did not keep this layout. They did live in it for the short period of time.
 Quinlan: I got to start my parenting research for my job and be ready for when I need to be a father.
 Eva: Dear, please be researching home plans.
Quinlan: I am, but at the moment I am researching the parenting forums.
Eva: I have not heard from the doctor feeling pregnant as of yet. I home is the best thing to be researching.
Quinlan: I will darling, I need to research the parent forums for tips and how to care for children.
 They have a fire on their porch from the grill. Who is going to put it out?
 The next day, Eva feel sick and couldn't keep nothing down. Is she pregnant or is she just sick with an illness or food poisoning?
 Quinlan working in this garden before going off to work. He tending his garden.
 Later that evening,
 Eva came over.
 Eva: Quinlan, we are having a little one. You are going to be a father.
 Quinlan: I am so happy to be a father.
 Eva plans a baby shower. She invited 7 guests to it. Eva is viewing presents.
 Some of their friends and been invited to the baby shower for Eva. They have decided to takes some books to read and relax.
 Here is Eva taking a picture with a friend that was invited to the Baby shower.
 The parents are taking selfies of each other in the kitchen.
 Quinlan wanted a photo of them before the baby came. A picture of them in their young years.

 Quinlan took a picture of his wife but also of his baby to come before he was born.
 Quinlan has been taking good care of this garden. He's been expanding and evolving this plants.
 The months went by quickly. The morning they had breakfast.
 Eva: What do you want to name our child.
Quinlan: Well if it a boy, I would like Andrew. What would you like to name our child if it a girl?
Eva: I would like to name her Evelyn or Queen.
Quinlan: I would like the names, Evelyn and Andrew.
Eva: It settled then.
Quinlan: I got to go to work now. Have a good day baby.
 Eva went into labor.  She does her breathing.
 Eva was to blog about her feelings. Whether she did or not I do not know. She did get a writing skill.
 She goes gives birth in the living room.
She had a baby boy. He is so cute. She named him Andrew.
I want to thank the creator for the baby skin.

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